Yosemite National Park – California

Paper instructions:

A particular endangered species. One page or so will discuss the general biology/ecology of your
species, but the majority of the paper will deal with its status, the reasons it is
endangered, and management strategies

1. Keep the paper short (between 1200 and 1800 words). Sometimes, that’s easier said
than done. One way to know the word count is to run a spell check on Word. That’‘s
probably a good idea anyway.
2. Use at least six sources, no more than one of which may be a web page. If you use
a web page, it must be from a government agency, a university, or another
“authoritative” source. An “edu” or “org” suffix is a good indicator, but is no
guarantee. Exercise some discretion. No Wikipedia, Encarta, etc.
page. I will post additional material on searching the literature.
1. Employ the citation style of the Council of Science Editors, which I will provide for you. I will post an example paper using this style.
2. Do not employ direct quotes, except perhaps as an intro or other “stylistic” use.

3. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. If you’re unclear about what that means, do some research. If you’re still unclear, ask me. In short, the words and ideas that appear in your paper either come from you, or they come from someone else. If they come from someone else, you should put them into your own words, and then give credit to the person who’s words and ideas you are using

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