World Religion and Cultures

Your task in this 350-500 word essay (2 typed pages) will be to consider what you have learned regarding the interaction of culture and religious practice.  Choose one or two insights you have thought about over the term, and develop these in your final essay. What seems important in understanding religious practice and culture?  Have you learned something new, or have your changed your mind on some point of religious understanding. 

Please use your academic references, and cite your work, as appropriate.  The Essay will be due Sunday evening, September 13. 

Your Essay will be reviewed by Unicheck, the plagiarism tool synced to Canvas. Unicheck will submit a similarity report a few minutes after you post your assignment. If the similarity index is above 30%, please redo and resubmit your assignment after you cite the sources properly to avoid plagiarism. 

Please review the PowerPoint slides explaining how to avoid plagiarism and post your assignment accordingly. Even a single plagiarized statement will not be tolerated.  APA writing format is required

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