World Civilization before 1650. mike marshall

The difference in Athens and Sparta represents to me one of their rare times in history when a Monarchy gave its citizens more rights than a democracy. Athens became a democracy after the fall of its monarch in 594 BCE. Athens then became a direct democracy where the majority of its citizens had a direct voice in Government and would elect persons each year to govern and make decisions. Athens also promoted education, culture, art, and philosophy and they were the main tenants of Athenian life. Sparta however was a monarchy/oligarchy while also being a meritocracy. Sparta was intensely focused on military might and every male citizen was expected to serve as a solider in this army. The spartan kings were from two families and had equal authority in terms of rule and would both serve as generals in the spartan army. Unlike Athens, warfare was the main tenant of spartan society and was the base of its economy. Rights in Sparta were also given to women and non-citizens who lived in the city. Women were allowed to vote in the Apella and non-citizens were allowed to serve in the spartan army, although in a support role.

                Spartans would be given wives and land once they reached the age of 30. This makes me wonder how many spartan men lived to be that old

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