What’s more important for an applied anthropologist?

ANT2APA – Minor Essay

Ethics and Action

What’s more important for an applied anthropologist?:
• A commitment to the principles and ethics of cultural relativism and the avoidance of ethnocentrism?
• Or, a commitment to solving problems and changing the lives of research participants for the better?
Are these two commitments able to be reconciled? Can applied anthropology engage ethically in problem solving and intervention in cross cultural situations?

Discuss these propositions in a 500 word essay, due 4pm Monday 27 March. *Submit through Turnitin via LMS site only*

Key to Assessment Criteria

Effort: Does your essay indicate evidence of wide reading in its planning, preparation and writing?

Essay Structure: How effectively is your material presented, organised and logically ordered? Is it relevant to the topic or question? Is it introduced and concluded properly?

Content: Does the material you use indicate that you have analysed the question in a detailed and critical manner, and adequately supported your arguments with evidence and relevant examples?

Originality: Does your essay show originality and independent thinking (that is, both the capacity to raise or answer your own questions, and the ability to summarise other people’s thoughts and arguments from your own point of view and in your own words)?

Referencing: Have you adequately referenced and documented your evidence by use of citations, quotations and a bibliography? Have you used the Harvard system of referencing (NOT footnote references)? Have you only included in the bibliography works that you have cited or referred to in the text?

Presentation: (includes expression) Is what you say clear? Are grammar, punctuation and spelling correct? (Remember, these are not simply formalities; poor expression, grammar, punctuation and spelling make work very difficult to read.) Is the physical presentation of your essay neat and readable? Are the pages numbered? Do you have a title page? Have you used double-spaced or 1.5 spaced type?

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