week 8 Jacob Watt

Among other things, the ammount of philisophical change that occured during this time was incredible: from Sun Tzu and the Art of War to Confucius and his philosophy for daily life. Covering just these two people alone gives us an in depth look into china at the time and to further this understanding we can look at military adaptations in technology and influences into dialy life via a new philosphy.

As a historian intrigued by warfare, the technological advancements made during this time were of equal importance and interest and laid the foundation for modern conflict and stratagem. Much of this would not have been possible without Sun Tzu, one of the leading generals of the time. Widely regarded as a master tactician among military historians, he documented his tactics for conducting war in a volume called “The Art of War”. The book itself remains one of the foremost military works of literature in history and has been on the Commandant of the United States Marine Corps reading list for several years. 

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