week 8 Aram Tawoosi

After time traveling through many periods in some of our oldest civilizations, I would have to say my favorite experience was experiencing Buddhism during its peak of spreading across China and Asia. I personally am very involved in Buddhism so time traveling back to this time was definitely my most prized time travel experience.

Buddhism was able to acknowledge the difficult era of the Age of Division and the social struggles many went through, providing individuals with comfort and hope for the future. Since Buddhism brought peace and salvation, many who were seeking that took to this new belief system quickly. Buddhism attracted many people, from men to women, from many different religions and cultures. 

Since it was rising in popularity and many favored Buddhism, some dynasties like the Tang Dynasty made Buddhism it’s primary religion, (1).

At first Buddhism was met with hostility since the Chinese preferred, “…An active social life, to an ascetic, contemplative one,” (Week 4 Lesson). Once individuals got past this, Buddhism grew favorably and influenced Chinese culture and art in a positive way. 

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