week 8

For this final report, I have decided to bring back one person from our history that not only brought fame and importance to his civilization but without a doubt greatly impacted the world. This historical character is known as Temujin, Universal Khan, and more commonly known as Genghis Khan.

I found myself in the Mongolian plateau around 1200CE. The Mongols of the time were nomadic societies that lived in this plateau, and their culture added to the amount of land and horses they had encouraged kids to quickly learn how to ride a horse and how to be ready to fight. But, it is very interesting to mention that however looking barbaric, they seemed to have a well-established leadership system with the Khan (King) at the top. Our main character Genghis Khan had yet to write its legacy, but he did so very fast as his nomadic society encountered ecological and kidnapping issues.

100 words   Arturo Sanz Jones 

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