Tsunami Report

Paper instructions:
Cannon Beach Tsunami Response Report

In our tsunami studies, we have focused on the vulnerability of Cannon Beach, Oregon to tsunamis generated both far-field (e.g. Alaska, Japan, Kurile Islands) and locally (Cascadia Subduction Zone). Knowing the situation of the town we are better prepared to develop plans for responding to such events. With this background, and your understanding of tsunami behavior, you should complete ONE of the following:

1. Brochure explaining the tsunami hazards and evacuation plans and procedures, tailored to a specific tourist hotel/motel in Cannon Beach. You will want to identify your hotel (using Google to find Hotel Cannon Beach is a good place to start) and then put together a brochure that can be provided to guests upon check-in that effectively educates them about the hazard and provides the detailed information needed for their evacuation in the event of a tsunami alert. The brochure should be designed to be the front and back of one letter-sized (8.5 x 11) piece of paper.

2. A Tsunami lesson plan for an appropriate age group (which you specify) that includes both learning about the tsunami hazard and why and how evacuations should occur. You do not need to develop the complete exercise, but do need to indicate what activities would be used, and explain how this fits into the overall curriculum appropriate for that grade level. I would expect this to include a 2 -page description of the lesson plan, plus some additional materials (and links to background materials) related to the plan. The plan should be geared to what a teacher for that particular age group would need.

3. An assessment of the need for vertical evacuation sites, where they are most needed (and where they are not needed), the height required for effectiveness. Your report should be specific in terms of the current situation and how the addition of a set (you need to identify how many are needed) of vertical evacuation sites improves the safety of the community. This report should be ~ 2 pages in length plus some tables/ graphs/maps etc. as needed.

These are individual reports but you can collaborate on the background research. Be very careful NOT TO copy material (that is plagiarism). You should indicate all sources of information (and any figures/maps/photos/tables etc. you use).

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