The Traits and Etiology of Oppression in America

Paper instructions:
Title: The Traits and Etiology of Oppression in America. This paper constitutes your midterm examination. The objective of this research paper is to provide a comprehensive portrait the characteristics and causes of oppression in America and the social, historical and psychological systems that have allowed oppression to perpetuate in our society. “Cause” is a critical aspect of this paper, and cause cannot be fully explained unless you can aptly articulate the characteristics of oppression. After your discussion on the Characteristics and cause of oppression, you are expected to provide a scholarly look at your remedy for dismantling oppression as you’ve identified in our society. Your discussion should compare your ideas with the existing research. Your analysis should be no more than 8 pages, and should incorporate required and recommended readings and other empirical literature that help to support your comprehensive analysis. Your paper must have a title page. You should also have a list of references that you appropriately cited within your paper using APA style only.
All of your references must be presented on your reference list using APA style and of scholarly level.
Your paper must have these three elements to receive a proper grade. Please use these as your sub-headings in your paper:
• The Traits of Oppression: The traits of stigma and prejudice: You are to answer the following question — Define and explain classism, racism, and discrimination. Provide an example of each.
• The Cause of Oppression: Discuss one cause of oppression, and properly support your assertion with scholarly literature.
• Dismantling Oppression: Identify how you would dismantle oppression, or at least deconstruct the ideology perpetuating oppression.

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