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Paper instructions:
Student will complete and conduct a single subject evaluation of clinical work with a client system of individual . Must describe client presenting problem . Identify client goals . Must include 3 different interventions literatures approaches . Describe the best literature that connects with intervention of the three . Must be cognitive behavioral intervention describe the primary aim of the current study. Describe the methods for implementing your single system evaluation study. Which is ABA . Identify the measures utilized in this study.provide rationale for the selection of the measure and discuss reliability,validity, practically is use. Use references and citations. Describe procedures related to implementating your intervention protocol. How many time did you and client meet each week . How long . What was done in session. Include challenges and problem use data collected to plot a graph of the baseline and intervention outcome phases explain finding and results in paragraph form. Discuss how these findings inform potential intervention and program design. Include limitations section. Please describe any limitations of your study

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