The Tempest Shakespeare.

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Due: Nov 23 at 11:59pm
Go see The Tempest. Information on where to go for tickets can be found here. Your response must be at least 500 words, be in proper MLA formatting, have a clear and valid thesis and be submitted no later than midnight on Nov 27. Please upload an appropriate file format, such as .rtf, .doc, .docx, or .pdf. Do NOT upload .pages documents. We will not be able to open them and you risk receiving a zero.
IAH 241D: Critical Response Essay #2
The Tempest: Reflecting on Scenic, Costume, and Lighting Design
How do scenic design, costume design, and lighting design create a world on stage? In this essay, you will analyze the scenery, costumes, and/or lighting design in The Tempest. You should incorporate the concepts introduced in the Scenic Design and Costume Design units. How does the scenery depict multiple locations? What did the costumes tell you about each character or group of characters? Your essay should have a thesis statement that articulates the theme of the play and how design elements support that theme.

Before you see the show:
You may wish to familiarize yourself with the plot of The Tempest by reading Jane Austen’s novel or screening one of the many film adaptations.Do not watch the Taymor version of The Tempest. These are both lovely adaptations of The Tempest that are very different from the stage version you are required to see at MSU. You must write about the MSU production specifically.
While watching the show:
Think about how the scenery, costumes and other design elements support storytelling through action. You may wish to bring a notebook and pen to take notes on specific details. (Please do not take notes on your phone or tablet, as the light will be distracting for other audience members.) Use your program to help you remember characters’ names.

After the show:
Write a cogent essay in which you make an argument about the theme of The Tempest, and how design elements help to support that theme. Use specific evidence from the show to support your ideas. Be sure to link your evidence to your overall thesis; the best way to do this is to write a strong topic sentence for each paragraph.

The Tempest Possible outline for your paper:
Due Nov 23 at 11:59 pm
Paragraph 1: Introduction. State that you attended The Tempest. You may wish to characterize your overall experience of the production or talk about what you expected when you went to the show and whether the show met your expectations or surprised you in some way. End this paragraph with a thesis statement that articulates the theme of The Tempest and explains how design elements elucidated this theme.

Paragraph 2: Discuss the scenic design and how it helps to set the mood and tone for the play, and establish locations. You may wish to mention the theatre space (proscenium, end-stage, thrust, arena) and how that affects your experience of the world of the play.

Paragraph 3: Discuss how costume design helps you to know who the characters are. What kind of world do they live in? What kind of jobs do they have?

Conclusion: Reflect on how the scenic and costume design worked together (or did not work together) to create a unified stage world.
You must write a 500 word, critical response paper to the production of The Tempest at Michigan State University. Critical responses are academic papers. It is not the same as a theatre review like you might find in a newspaper, and it is not a plot summary. While you will not be expected to incorporate outside research into your critical response, you will still be expected to discuss the performances you view in a thoughtful manner.
Papers should be formatted using standard MLA formatting. More information on MLA formatting.

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