Summary and Response Essay on Let’s Talk About Love by Carl Wilson

Graeme Desrosiers
Words and Music
Summer 2017

Summary and Response Essay on Let’s Talk About Love by Carl Wilson

For this assignment, write a 750–1000-word summary and response essay based on Carl Wilson’s discussion of taste in Let’s Talk About Love: A Journey to the End of Taste. What is his main idea about taste, and what arguments does he present to support his main idea? In your thesis, include a summary of his main idea and your response to it (ie. Explain whether you agree or disagree—in whole or in part—and why). In each body paragraph, use summary, paraphrase, and quotation to explain one of the author’s supporting arguments, then provide a detailed response. Quotations will be included in the word count, but the submission information and the Works Cited page will not. This essay is worth 20% of your final grade. On the day the essay is due, you must submit a printed hard copy in class and upload an electronic copy of your essay to Lea. Your essay will not be graded until it has been received in both forms. Late essays will lose 5% per day.

Your essay must
• Be in MLA format:
o The page number and student’s last name right-justified in the header on each page
o Submission information in the top left hand of the first page
o A centered title including a catch-phrase and the topic of your paper
o Typed in 12-pt Times New Roman and double-spaced
o A full-tab indent to begin each paragraph and no extra space between paragraphs
o In-text citations and a Works Cited page at the end

• Include an introduction paragraph:
o A “hook” (Attention-getter)
o A transition from your attention-getter into your topic (Narrowing sentences)
o A one- or two-sentence thesis statement that expresses the main idea of your essay, as well as your paragraph topics (Thesis)

• Include at least three body paragraphs that each contain
o A topic sentence identifying the supporting argument the paragraph will discuss and stating your agreement or disagreement with this point
o A summary of the author’s argument, made using summary, paraphrase, and quotation
o A detailed critical response to the author’s argument about this point, including an explanation of why you agree or disagree with the point
o An explanation of what broader conclusions we can draw based on your response, and an explanation of how it supports your thesis

• Include a conclusion paragraph
o A one- or two-sentence restatement of thesis in new words and phrasing, reflecting the development of your essay (Restatement of thesis)
o A transition out of the topic (Broadening sentences)
o A “take-away” thought that does not introduce any new claims about the text but may suggest avenues for future research (Take-away)

• Be carefully edited for logic, depth, spelling, grammar, punctuation, organization, style, coherence, originality, clarity, wordiness, redundancy, vagueness, and repetition.

• Not include any plagiarized phrases, sentences, or ideas. Anyone caught submitting someone else’s work or taking words or ideas from another source without proper attribution will receive an automatic zero on the essay, and will be reported to the college as outlined in the college’s plagiarism policy.

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