Species- specific ant behavior manipulation by parasitic fungi

1. Create a flow chart based on the Material and Method sectionProvide a step by step paper on what was done
i. Divide this step by step paper according to sections under the methods section: Specimens collection and fungal culturing, DNA extraction, PCR and sequencing, Infections, Ant species and behavioral observations, Ex vivo insect tissue culturing, Metabolomics.
2. Come up with 2 questions to ask the author of this paper. These questions will be used by the discussion leaders to facilitate class discussion. Please do not just submit one sentence question, but a paragraph on what intrigued you as you were reading the material and what questions or topics might be interesting to discuss in class.

i. 2 Sample questions from an old article:
1. In page 3, the authors mention that gut bacteria produce many neurotransmitters and that ” Some probiotics can modulate the concentrations of opioid and cannabinoid receptors in the gut epithelium (Rousseaux et al., 2007)” Does this mean that we could potentially use gut microbiota to help in pain management? Wouldn’t this potentially help decrease the need for pain medication? Couldn’t it be used to treat addiction?
2. In page 4, the authors also mention that “this probiotic has been shown to have antidepressant action in preclinical models of depression and may thus constitute a psychobiotic with a mental health benefit (Dinan et al., 2013)” Could this be a potential treatment for depression? Also, depression is a disease with many potential causes, could this connection with microbiota be one of such causes? Is it possible to utilize neurotransmitter-producing bacteria to treat other psychological conditions?

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