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AT&T and T-Mobile
Ahmed Alwaili
Pr. Robert Ottemann
MGMT 3490
14 April 2022
The Two Companies Are AT&T And T-Mobile.
Management is one of the critical practices in every organization that plays a crucial role
in guiding the maintenance, development, and allocation of resources to meet the organization’s
goals. The organization executive, including managers, are responsible for developing and
implementing the management process. Management is critical in the organization as it provides
vital guidelines to the organization team to complete their task to achieve the desired organizational
goals. Based on the topic of management principles, this discussion will focus on two selected
companies from the same industry and focus on the company’s activities in different sectors,
including management, marketing, financing, and SWOT analysis. The selected companies are
American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) and Mobile Telecommunication Company
Historical Development of AT&T
AT&T Corporation, now identified as AT&T and formerly known as American Telephone
and Telegraph Company, is a subsidiary telecommunication industry. The organization provides
video, voice, data, internet telecommunications, telephone services, long-distance calling, and
internet services, including other vital services to consumers, enterprises, and other governmental
agencies. AT&T In. developmental history began with the Bell Association, which was a legal
organization founded in 1874to secure the rights of Alexander Graham Bell after he successfully
invented the telephone systems. Initially, a verbal agreement was created in 1875 as Bell
Telephone Company. In 1880themanagement team of American Bell developed what could be
called AT&T Logline. The project focused on creating a nationwide long-distance network with
an affordable cost structure. The American Telephone and Telegraph Company was established
on 3rd March 1885, and was formally incorporated in New York City. After its incorporation in
New York City, the long-distance telephone network spread to Illinois and Chicago. In1892 the
company numerous of local exchanges continued to spread widely to create a vast content
telephone system. By December 1899, the critical assets from American Bell have transferred
AT&T Company subsidiary industry. This resulted from Massachusetts corporate regulations and
the reduced capitalization to 10M dollars obstructing American Bell’s future growth. With the
transfer of the critical assets, AT&T was identified as the parent company of Bell System and
American Bell.
AT&T is highly focused on the telephone business. Despite its partnership with RCA, the
company reduced its concentration on radio development since the industry’s growth could reduce
the demand for wired services. The company developed the WEAF station in New York, which
was identified as a toll-station. AT&T would not provide programming services, but everyone who
wished to share a message would pay a specific fees to the company and share the news to the
public. The company’s studio was a size of telephone booth, and individuals would only make
payment when they were sure someone was listening to the broadcast message. In addition, WEAF
started providing entertainment content, drawing talents found among the employees. The key
founders of the company include Alexander Graham Bell, Gardiner Greene Hubbard, and Thomas
The present company headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, and United States. The crucial area
served by the company in the United States provides various products such as Telephone services,
long-distance calling, and internet services. Throughout the most significant period of the 20th
century, AT&T kept the monopoly on mobile phone services in the US and Canada using the
network of industries known as the Bell System. AT&T has recorded adequate progress that has
supported the company to gain more market share. The development of AT&T is highly linked to
the development of mass communication in the United States. Basing its foundation on the
development of the telephone, the company was monopolistic over the most significant period of
the 20th century. Today the company is identified as one of the prominent organizations in
telecommunication worldwide. The company has effectively developed with present evolutions in
modern America.
Moreover, AT&T offers communication and digital entertainment services in the US, Latin
America, and Mexico. The organization’s mission is to develop the best entertainment and
communications experiences worldwide. Also, the company vision focuses on designing and
creating a new global network, processes, and services platforms that maximize automation,
enabling for reallocation of human resources and more effective and productive operation. In 2021,
AT&T recorded a net worth of $266 billion, with about 182.56 million wireless subscribers. AT&T
is ranked as the top telecommunications organization in the US, with average revenue of $171.76
billion. Also, the company is ranked first worldwide on the bases of revenue and the number of
consumers served.
Historical Development of T-Mobile
T- Mobile is one of major telecommunications organization that focuses in cellular
equipment and services such as data, voice, messaging and television streaming. The company
Metro PCS, and layer3 TV are some of the organization TV streaming Brand. T-Mobile was
established in 1994 name VoiceStream wireless PCs making it a subsidiary company of western
Wireless Corporation. The organization later divided in 1994 and partnered with Deutsche
Telekom AG in 2001, and it was later renamed as T-Mobile USA, Inc. in 2002. Currently the
company offers wireless services to 79.7 million prepaid, postpaid, and wholesale customers.
In 2000, VoiceStream Wireless acquired two commonplace GSM carriers. Omnipoint
Corporation, a nearby association executive in the Northeastern US, was obtained on 25th
February 2000. Aeronautical Communications Inc.; a provincial association executive in the
Columbus, Houston, Kansas City, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Pittsburgh, and Tampa-St. PetersburgOrlando markets; was gotten on fourth May 2000. The joined association surrendered the
Omnipoint and Aerial brands and wrapped up consolidating the three associations by changing
over to a singular client charging stage, executing standard key arrangements, and shipping off the
VoiceStream brand.
On first June 2001, Deutsche Telekom (DT) got done with getting VoiceStream Wireless Inc. for
$35 billion and Southern U.S. regional GSM network head Powertel, Inc. for $24 billion. Before
the completion of 2001, VoiceStream Wireless had 19,000 agents serving 7 million endorsers. On
second September 2001, VoiceStream Wireless Inc. took on the name T-Mobile USA, Inc.
moreover; it began completing the T-Mobile brand, starting with regions in California and Nevada.
T-Mobile USA, Inc. was a functioning substance of T-Mobile International AG prior to
transforming into an essential helper of Deutsche Telekom AG.
On seventeenth September 2007, the association announced the acquisition of regional
GSM carrier SunCom Wireless Holdings, Inc. for $2.4 billion; the getting closed on 22nd February
2008. By eighth September 2008, SunCom’s exercises were facilitated with the associations. The
acquirement added SunCom’s 1.1 million clients to the association’s client base. It stretched out
the’s association consideration to consolidate southern Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina,
eastern Tennessee, northeastern Georgia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Following the
Suncom acquisition, T-Mobile had a neighborhood association presence in all the critical metro
areas in the United States (“T-Mobile US History: Founding, Timeline, and Milestones”, 2022).
AT&T SWOT Analysis
Telecommunications sectors in the United States of America are significant due to the
rising population. Currently, almost everyone uses a mobile phone, which creates evidence of the
available markets for Telcos. One of the critical organizations identified in promoting change in
the telecommunication environment is AT&T. Therefore, this section will provide strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company to enhance effective understanding of the
actual position of the company.
Being the leading company in the telecommunication industry worldwide, the company’s
success is promoted by various strengths that enable the company to be successful in multiple
markets. These strengths help the company secure its market share, venture into new markets, and
diversify the operation strategies to enhance growth in the consumer base and increase the
company revenue. The critical strengths of the company include;
Global Giant
Today, AT&T is the largest telecommunications company worldwide, which creates an
effective environment for its telecommunications industry operations. This benefit enables the
company to venture into new areas and implements adequate measures to strengthen its position
in the present market. The top position in telecommunications services globally allows the
company to take risky ventures and purchase companies, allowing it to increase its reach to
consumers and improve the products and services available to consumers.
Strong Infrastructure
The other Strength of the top telecommunication company is effective infrastructure. It is
expensive to develop an effective telecoms infrastructure, including base stations wireless radios
and, considering the required maintenance cost. AT&T has continuously invested in the operation
infrastructure, thus creating a robust wireless operation capacity. The company covers all critical
metropolitan regions and offers services to 300 million people using LTE technology. The
company also provided 4G coverage and other technologies. These technologies strengthen its
network capacity and offer high-quality mobile broadband speeds.
Data Offering
The next significant Strength supporting the success of AT&T is the Strength in data
offering and continues to lead in the path as the world continues to implement internet-based
technologies; the company LTE coverage is the strongest in the United States and has achieved
more significant improvement with the present 5G rollout. Moreover, the company aims to
increase its high-speed broadband and video providing while improving IP-based services to
promote a better consumer experience.
Great Marketing Strategy
The other Strength enabling the company’s success is its creative marketing mix that allows
the company to communicate its services and products to consumers effectively. AT&T utilizes
psychographic and demographic segmentation approaches to learn their consumers’ needs and
develop a solution to address the consumer needs effectively. The company also includes widely
differentiated products and services that are designed in an appropriate portfolio to address the
consumers’ needs and promote their satisfaction.
Skilled Workforce
The other necessary Strength enabling the company’s success is the presence of a skilled
workforce. AT&T includes a massive workforce of about 230,000 employees and continuous
professional development for all employees. The company recruits a qualified team with adequate
experience and offers training and upskilling programs both in external and internal environments
to develop and train the employees. This contributes to effective and efficient performance with
the rising changes in technology (“AT&T SWOT Analysis: A Complete Overview – Business
Chronicler”, 2022).
Strategic Partnership
The other critical Strength enabling the company’s success is successful partnerships and
mergers that allow the company to venture into new areas. One of the identifiable partnerships is
the acquisition of DIRECTTV, which offered the company excellent traction in the pay-tv
environment. The company also acquired Warner Media which supports the AT&T video
ecosystem in mobile, online, and pay-TV. These partnership operations are linked to AT&T’s
financial achievement and the company’s vision to achieve more in the technology environment.
AT&T Weaknesses
The critical weaknesses facing the company toward its success include;
Weak Demand Forecasting
Demand forecasting is a critical operation in every company providing services to
consumers. It helps the organization ensure successful implementation of the available resources
to address changes in demand and minimize possible financial losses. AT&T isn’t excellent in
demand forecasting, resulting in an increased rate of missed opportunities compared to the
competition. Thus the company ends up keeping more inventory, resulting in increased wastage.
Limited Flexibility
The company’s other weakness is limited flexibility due to its large size. It is
difficult for the company to adjust to every change compared to other small players in the business
environment. Such organizations have smaller developmental cycles and can easily get a product
in the market compared to AT&T.
Increased Debt
In the present decade, AT&T has been obtaining more debt to finance its partnership,
mergers, and other operations like the 5G rollout. This has generated a significant weakness in the
High Attrition Rate
In comparison to other companies, AT&T employees have experienced a higher attrition
rate. Higher attrition is a significant issue since the company needs to hire more employees to
replace turnover employees and invest more resources in training and improving their skills for
the required position.
Limited Investment in Research and Development
AT&T is experiencing a challenge in the research and development process. The company
needs to improve its R&D approach to ensure it works to support the company in achieving a
technological breakthrough concerning other companies.
AT&T Opportunities
The essential opportunities for AT&T Company include;
International expansion
The company essentially provides its services and products in the American market, thus
providing an opportunity to expand to other parts of the world, especially in markets without strong
Cloud Computing and Internet of Things
Currently, it is difficult for telecommunications organizations to succeed while only
offering voice connectivity. This creates the need for
AT&T to venture into other Cloud
Computing and IoT opportunities.
Environmentally Friendly Operations
As the globe moves towards green arrangements, AT&T can make the most of this chance
to increase tasks around here and lay its image as an altogether green organization. Monsters like
Google and Facebook have proactively made colossal advances by dealing with their jobs to
guarantee they are entirely climate well disposed.
AT&Ts Threats
The potential threats facing the company include;
Increased Competition
The players in the telecommunication industry across the American market have continued
to increase, creating effective competition for the AT&T Company. AT&T is facing higher
competition from various firms, including Verizon, US Cellular, Sprint, Cricket, T-Mobile, and
other related companies. These companies are slowly minimizing the company market, thus
creating the need for an effective marketing strategy to increase the company’s market share.
Price Wars
The company’s other threat is price wars facing the telecommunication industries, thus
threatening AT&T’s dominance. This results from rising competition in a saturated market, thus
promoting the need to develop effective measures to influence growth. The company participates
in a price war by minimizing the cost of their packages to price close to other players.
T-Mobile SWOT Analysis

Higher consumer base


ensures quality services to consumers.

effective distribution channels

continuous expansion

High revenue income.

Implementing a 5G value chain.

Increased competition

Merger with Sprint developing a more

Threats from highly complex and
prominent supercharged company.
changing regulations.

Lawsuits delaying sprint mergers.

Balancing the developing CAPEX
AT&T Financial Analysis
AT&T In. company gross profit recorded in the fourth quarter in the company physical
year 2021 remains constant compared to the same period in 2020. Despite the decline in the level
of sales, the company has continued to record a significant increase in the company’s net income.
AT&T Inc. has weak liquidity. Currently, the company records a quick ratio of 0.51, which
indicates the lack of capacity to take care of the short-term cash requirements. As of 2021, the
company revenue was $168.86 billion, operating income was $23.35 billion, total assets $551.62
billion, total equity 183.36 billion, with over 203,000 employees. However, the company’s
liquidity has reduced during the same period same year. The stakeholder’s net worth has remained
unchanged but increased by 2.88% from last year’s same quarter. The critical liquidity
measurements indicate that the company is at a level at which financial challenges would develop
in the future.
T-Mobile Financial Analysis
In the completed financial year, T-Mobile company recorded $68.397 in revenue and an
operating income of $5.309 billion. The net income for the company is 3.468 billion, total assets
72.468 billion, and total equity of $24.718 billion. Based on an analysis of the company’s financial
ratios, the company’s financial condition is better than other companies operating in the same
industry. The financial research in the company involves an effective comparison of the critical
financial ratios. The essential liquidity measurements indicate that the company is at a level at
which financial challenges would develop in the future. The company has recorded significant
revenue growth that has promoted further expansion in the company.
Since AT&T and T-Mobile are organizations operating from the same industries,
continuous innovation has been the major objective of the companies to enhance effective
operations to achieve the desired organizational goals. The company implements a hierarchical
leadership structure to allow the distribution of critical responsibilities to the organization’s
workforce. In both companies, the top company executive sets strategic goals for the organization
while motivating the employees within the organization workforce to meet specific assignments
and organization goals. In terms of financial performance and decisions, both companies use the
generated revenue to enhance the company’s expansion and promote effective growth. Both
companies provide training and upskilling programs to improve the employees’ performance and
promote the company’s profitability. Also, both companies implement effective supply chain
channels to allow the successful distribution of goods and services. Moreover, with the rollout of
the 5G network, the company is focused on advancing its operating systems to enhance the better
experience for consumers.
Future Direction
The telecommunication industry is still expected to achieve adequate growth. By 2019, the
worldwide telecom-market was valued at $1.74 trillion but is expected to record a significant
increase based on a compound annual growth rate of 5.0% between 2020 and 2027. The other
important trends that are effective for the future are implementing the Internet of Things,
connectivity technologies, 5G network and Technology, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and
cloud computing. The end of T-Mobile company; by 2021, T-Mobile’s mid-band 5G network will
reach about 210 million people. T-Mobile Company expects the mid-band 5G network to get to
about 300 million individuals by 202Moreover, AT&T is racing toward implementing the 5G
networks through the mid-band spectrum. AT&T Company expects by the end of 2021 to
minimize the current debt by 3%. The company has an opportunity to adopt cloud computing and
the Internet of Things.
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