Sociology theorist

You are required to complete two review papers for the course. For the first paper you must select a set of original text readings by a theorist or group of theorists working in the same tradition (I will provide these in Canvas). For the second you will choose from a set of “applications articles” also provided in Canvas. As for the details- APA format, Word files, 12 point standard font, double spaced. I’m more concerned with how well you organize your thoughts and cover the material than with how long the paper is. Depending on the length and complexity of the reading you choose and the conciseness of your writing the paper could be five to seven pages.

Your review should include the following:

Introduction/Conclusion/accurate citation format
Brief biography and overview of the theoretical orientation of the author (see text). This should not be the majority of your paper.
Overview of the argument being made in the reading. Be sure to review the original works yourself, and not just paraphrase someone else’s work. This should include quotes to illustrate key points.
Definitions of concepts — What are the main concepts and how have they been defined? This should include definitions. Again, cite the primary source. You may also use outside sources here.
Critique — What are the limitations of the author’s argument? What are proponents and critics concerned about? (refer to text and outsides scholarly sources)
Statement of why you chose the article.
Discussion of something you learned from the article and something you still do not understand or with which you disagree (and why).
Citation of the article (and any other references) in APA format

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