How social Media is used in Saudi Arabia and US

Paper instructions:i
The abstract paper should be 4 pages and the following sections should be included in this paper

Situation Analysis

This section is an introduction for the big project and itcan be done in one page. You can explain that social media platforms are used differently in Us and Saudi Arabia, and this research is conducted to find out how social media platforms are used for different purposes, how these platforms influence both Countries, and how these platforms are monitored

Premise Statements

The statements are worded: “This paper will…”, then followed by a verb that is potentially general through specific. Most papers have 3-6 premises. These premises are the goals or objectives of the paper, not the chapters. The section of the Abstract sub-titled Premise Statements is usually a paragraph long, each premise statement is a sentence in that paragraph.

Works Cited

(Regular Works Cited format for Only the most important sources listed, you can choose ten sources. For those most important ten sources, a brief summary of the source information – a paragraph is ok.)

Any citations in the Situation Analysis are also listed here, but don’t need a literature review paragraph, unless one of the most important sources.)

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