Social Justice and Income Inequality

Paper instructions:
Each student will identify a social justice topic for in depth research –

identify and define/discuss a social justice topic
What is the topic? How is it defined/understood?
How is it a social justice issue? Explain/contextualize this within a framework/understanding of social justice.
Who is impacted by this? Be specific.
Explain/conceptualize this as it relates to current affairs/the state of affairs in 2017.
Provide a history/background of your chosen issue.
Important events?
Important legal actions?
What else provides a backdrop for understanding the issue in 2017?
Contextualize this issue within one of the social science disciplines

(economics, sociology, anthropology, social work, political science, geography, public policy, public health, psychology…) – for this section, you’ll try to understand how your chosen discipline has looked at/researched/understood the topic you’ve chosen – review the academic literature and provide a discussion of how the issue is shaped/viewed within the discipline. (Refer to current literature and research – so really 2005 – present).

What would help to “right’ the wrongs — to create justice – to overcome injustice – as it relates to your topic?
Current efforts underfoot to create change?
Potential areas for change?
Influential players in a change process?

Overall, your paper should be 6-8 pages. You should write in an academic tone and voice (3rd person, please) and should utilize proper grammar, mechanics, and style.

I have uploaded an outline of the paper which I have turned in, of course it is a very rough outline, and it doesn’t need to be strictly followed

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