Social Inequality and Human Rights

Question 1:
Social Inequality
Consider the following concepts:
• Social inequality
• Health inequality
• Gender inequality
• Income inequality
• Wealth inequality
• Racial/ethnic inequality
From a sociologist’s perspective, what is (or what are) the relationships between these concepts? Is it cause and effect? Or is it something else? Pick two of the terms on the list and discuss the relationship between them. Please use this link to answer.(

Question 2:
What are Human Rights?
Human rights means different things to different people, but by definition, don’t human rights apply to everyone in the world? Which human rights are universal – that is, what are those rights that all humans have just for being human and not tied to where they live? Use the information provided by the linkand chapter 3 from “Global Issues, 4th Ed)” to support your ideas. (

*Do not use any other reference!!!

Rubric assessment:

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