Do small firms face different business constraints and opportunities than large firms?

Paper instructions:
The main part of the term paper should review the relevant literature, based again on the papers suggested in the project guidance document, perhaps with the addition of 1 or 2 papers you think are useful to add. You will need to go into more detail than you were able to in the 10 minute presentation, but you should not cover everything in the paper(s). Instead, explain what the basic research question is, the approach(es) taken by the papers, and the conclusions they come to. Try to synthesise the papers and avoid simply summarising paper A and then Paper B: draw out the similarities in methodologies, data used and in the findings; highlight where the papers are different. Be careful in your explanation of methodologies: ensure you understand what you are writing. only discuss things you understand; you are very strongly advised not to try to explain things you do not understand.

Your concluding section will provide a summary of what the literature finds on the topic and set out briefly what you how to do in your project. Keep this simple but

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