Sinanthropus relate to modern human

Introduction to Anthropology

All students are required to complete a research paper. This paper should be six pages in length not including title page or References Cited page, double-spaced, numbered, and with one-inch margins. Please use Times New Roman 12 pt. and follow APA style (6th ed.) provided in the APA manual. The paper is expected to be written with correct and readable English The research paper must include a cover sheet with course title, course number, student’s name, date, and the title of the paper.

The research problem should be stated at the beginning in the introduction (i.e., what is your topic, why it is important, what you are hoping to accomplish), followed by the main body of the paper where you develop your own point of view or argument and cite references when appropriate, and a conclusion, which includes implications of the research, suggestions for future research, etc. Please title your sections accordingly. Please think of an appropriate subtitle for the Main Body section. Research papers must use a minimum of five academic literature sources in addition to your textbook and internet citations and should be included on a separate page titled “References Cited.” A good place to begin to look for references is your textbook that contains numerous relevant citations. There is a sample “References Cited” at the bottom of this document for your reference. Please note that sites such as Wikipedia are not academic references and should not be included in your research or “References Cited” page.

This paper should focus on one area of investigation, research problem, or any topic discussed in class or in the text. This includes a myriad of topics relevant to any of the four subdisciplines of anthropology as well as those encompassing applied problems or issues. Part of this assignment requires students to select paper topics rather than the instructor assigning specific topics to students. Please try and be creative but also choose a topic that interests you. The textbook is an excellent starting point for assisting you in selecting a topic and for locating references when writing your paper. Additionally there is a list of possible topics below in this document. You must have your topic approved by the instructor prior to your research.

Grading Rubric for Research Paper

Format and Procedures (15 pts. possible) _____

______Paper topic (abstract) has been approved by the instructors (2 pts.)

______Electronic and hard copy of paper is turned in by April 17 (2 pts)/Additional points will be
subtracted depending upon tardiness

______Cover sheet includes course title, course number, student’s name, date submitted, and the title of
the paper (1 pt.)

______Double-spaced and one inch margins (2 pts.)

______Each page is numbered (1 pt.)

______Times New Roman 12 point font (1 pt.)

______Includes section titled “References Cited” (2 pts.)
(this is the final page, follows format above and includes all materials cited in the paper and does not could as one of the pages of your essay)

______Includes a minimum of five references; minimum of two journals (2 pts.)

______Paper is 6 pages in length (2 pts.) – these six pages does not include the title page, nor the references cited page

Content (60 pts. possible) _____

______States research question (i.e., topic of the research) in the introduction (10 pts.)
(what is your topic, why it is important, what you are hoping to accomplish)

______Main body of the paper (40 pts.)
(develops your own point of view or argument, citing references when appropriate)

______Conclusions section (10 pts.)
(e.g., implications of the research, suggestions for future research, conclusions)

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