Return of race science Chap 6


Personal response to Superior: Return of race science Chap 6  On p. 95, Saini states that “The Human Genome Diversity Project was technically more precise, of course, more scientific. It wasn’t sampling skin and hair color, or slotting people into racial hierarchies. It was using genetics. But in some ways it was hardly distinguishable from the study of human difference a hundred years earlier. The word “race” had been prudently replaced by “population” and “racial difference” by “human variation”, but didn’t it look suspiciously like the same old creature? Then again, could it be called race science if the scientists involved were obviously antiracists?” Do you agree that these changes aren’t meaningful and that newer genetic studies are simply the same old creature? Is there a difference if the researchers are trying to demonstrate the fundamental similarity of all human beings instead of focusing on differences between populations? Please include any additional personal responses you had to the chap 6 material from the bo  csc cit  a  link to the reading will be provided

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