Choose one of the questions below to answer for this assignment. Please remember to copy/paste the question with your response and analysis. You should choose a question that you find interesting and believe you can answer in an engaging manner. You will want to support your response not only with good logic and explanations on your part but also with pertinent passages (short quotations are best) from the texts that pertain to the question you have chosen.

• Your response should be in the form of a typical essay (probably four to six paragraphs), with a short introduction, thesis statement, and supporting paragraphs with a conclusion.

• Your essay should total at least 500 words.

• This assignment is worth 100 points and will count  10% of your total grade for the course.

  1. Do you think that American culture today exhibits more tendencies toward the “civil liberty” promoted by Winthrop in his “Speech to the General Court” or the “natural liberty” exhibited by those who saw America as a land of unlimited individual freedom?
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