You are a prisoner of war from the interior of Africa caught up as a captive in the slave trade. Explain the circumstances you and other captives might face, including on the West African Coast, during the Middle Passage, and in the Americas. Use specific evidence from the course materials to explore horrific realities of the slave trade for its victims.

You are an abolitionist in the early nineteenth century. Advocate for the abolition of the slave trade. Make sure to also counter the arguments of those who argued that the slave trade should continue because of its economic profitability. Use evidence on both sides from the course materials in making your argument.

You are a twenty-first century journalist in the Caribbean exploring the topic of reparations for the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Argue for or against reparations based on the effects of the slave trade on regional economies and societies. Use specific evidence from the course materials to show the ramifications of the slave trade on different regions of the globe.

3 separate 600 word essay formatted answers

Answers should be in first person

Provide evidence/claims

APA 7 format

References cited at the end of the paper

Sparks, R. J. (2014). Where the negroes are masters. Harvard University Press.

Klein, H. S. (2010). The Atlantic slave trade

Richards, K. E. M. G. L. (2001). Jamaica in slavery and freedom: history, heritage, and culture

Zoellner, T. (2020). Island on Fire: The Revolt That Ended Slavery in the British Empire

Burnard, T. (2004). Mastery, tyranny, and Desire:

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