Question 1 Of 60 1 667 Points Gerome Was Told That He Had Plaques In His Arterie

Question 1 of 60 1.667 Points Gerome was told that he had plaques in his arteries and that his high blood pressure and high fat diet had damaged the linings of his arteries. What is the lining usually composed of? A. Mast cells. B. Fibroblasts. C. Muscle. D. Stratified epithelium. E. Simple epithelium. Reset SelectionQuestion 2 of 60 1.667 Points Justin noticed that when he walked for days along the beach without shoes, the skin of his feet gradually thickened. What type of cells would protect the surfaces of the feet? A. Columnar. B. Squamous. C. Osteocytes. D. Chondrocytes. E. Cuboidal. Reset SelectionQuestion 3 of 60 1.667 Points Alexis examined a microscopic section of glandular epithelium but could not see any blood vessels. How would the epithelial cells obtain oxygen and nourishment? A. From capillaries of neighboring tissues via diffusion. B. From transitional epithelium. C. From their matrix. D. From cilia. E. From muscle cells. Reset SelectionPart 2 of 18 – Question 4 of 60 1.667 Points Charles ate a pizza containing 80 grams of fat @ 8 calories per gram. How many grams of fat is he allowed for the rest of the day without exceeding the recommended maximum daily energy intake from fat (35%) on a 2000 calorie/day diet? A. 120 B. 35.2 C. 200 D. 75 E. 7.5 Reset SelectionQuestion 5 of 60 1.667 Points Lanelle is working at an aquarium where she is helping to shift a huge ocean fish from one tank to another. She is told to support the fish well, much as it is supported in water, otherwise gravity could tear the structures that support the intestines. What is the name of such a structure? A. Chyme. B. Serosa. C. Mesentery. D. Epiglottis. E. Sphincter. Reset SelectionQuestion 6 of 60 1.667 Points Which of the following would be regarded as a macronutrient? A. Phosphorus. B. Calcium. C. Essential amino acid. D. Water. E. Vitamin C. Reset SelectionPart 3 of 18 – Question 7 of 60 1.667 Points Per wishes to study the process of internal respiration in mice. Which of the following would he study? A. Gas transfer across alveoli. B. Fuel breakdown within cells. C. Gas transfer between cells and tissue fluid. D. Gas transfer between hemoglobin and plasma. E. Gas transfer between blood and tissue fluid. Reset SelectionQuestion 8 of 60 1.667 Points Alis is an opera singer and is alarmed because she has lost her voice. This is likely due to inflammation of what structure? A. Trachea. B. Bronchi. C. Pharnyx. D. Larynx. E. Bronchiole. Reset SelectionQuestion 9 of 60 1.667 Points When carbon dioxide moves from the blood to the air space in the lungs, how many layers of cell membrane must it pass through? A. 8 B. 4 C. 2 D. 6 E. 16 Reset SelectionPart 4 of 18 – Question 10 of 60 1.667 Points Which of the following best describes a closed circulatory system? A. Oxygen is delivered through hemolymph. B. oxygen is carried via a tracheal system. C. It is a system prevalent in arthropods. D. Blood is confined within blood vessels. E. Circulation is highly dependent upon animal body movements. Reset SelectionQuestion 11 of 60 1.667 Points If heart rate and output were constant, how might blood pressure be most strongly regulated? A. Constriction of endothelium. B. Constriction of venules. C. Constriction of capillary loops. D. Constriction of capillaries. E. Constriction of arterioles. Reset SelectionQuestion 12 of 60 1.667 Points Ailis has varicose veins in her legs. What is the cause? A. Failed valves. B. Failed capillary beds. C. Failed arterioles. D. Failing heart. Reset SelectionQuestion 13 of 60 1.667 Points What is the main function of the heart of a gill-breathing fish? A. To push oxygen-rich blood through the gills. B. To push oxygen-rich blood from the gills through the body. C. To push oxygen-poor blood from the gills through the body. D. To push oxygen-poor blood through the gills. E. To push oxygen-poor blood through the gills and to push oxygen-rich blood through the body. Reset SelectionPart 5 of 18 – Question 14 of 60 1.667 Points Darryl was bitten by a snake and has been administered blood plasma from a snake handler who had been bitten by the same kind of snake. What component of the injection that might most help Darryl? A. Antibodies B. Plasma cells C. Complement D. Interferon E. Lymphocytes Reset SelectionQuestion 15 of 60 1.667 Points Jeanne has just caught a cold. Which immune component would likely not have an effect for one or two weeks? A. Lymphokine B. Interleukin C. Macrophages D. Dendritic cells E. Suppressor cells. Reset SelectionQuestion 16 of 60 1.667 Points Harvey inhaled a plague bacterium that was trapped in his airway by a cell that displayed the antigen from the bacterium. Which of the following cell types could have trapped it? A. Memory T cell B. Cytotoxic T cell C. Dendritic cell D. Natural killer cell E. Helper T cell Reset SelectionPart 6 of 18 – Question 17 of 60 1.667 Points Lanelle is studying paramecia, and is counting the contraction rate of contractile vacuoles. Which of the following might best explain a sudden increase in contraction rate? A. The solute concentration of the outside environment matches that of the cell. B. The solute concentration in the outside environment decreases. C. The solute concentration in the outside environment increases. D. The glucose concentration in the outside environment increases. Reset SelectionQuestion 18 of 60 1.667 Points Mona has a low blood calcium level and is undergoing hemodialysis using a high calcium dialysate. What will happen? A. There will be no exchange of calcium between dialysate and blood. B. Her blood calcium will be absorbed by the dialysate. C. The dialysate calcium will all be absorbed by her blood. D. The blood calcium and dialysate calcium levels will equalize. Reset SelectionQuestion 19 of 60 1.667 Points A survey of aschelminth worms has shown that many have protonephridia, especially fresh water species. How would you best account for the prevalence in fresh water species? A. Fresh water species are subject to osmotic dehydration. B. Fresh water species would lack contractile vacuoles. C. Fresh water species would produce more nitrogen. D. Fresh water species are subject to osmotic flooding. Reset SelectionPart 7 of 18 – Question 20 of 60 1.667 Points Greg noticed that the eye pupils of his elderly dog failed to constrict when subjected to bright light. Which brain region may be failing? A. Hypothalamus. B. Basal ganglia C. Thalamus. D. Cerebellum. E. Midbrain. Reset SelectionQuestion 21 of 60 1.667 Points Condi is a physiologist experimenting with nerve cells using microelectrodes. She observed membrane potential of -70mV. What does this suggest? A. There is a surplus of sodium ions on the outside of the membrane. B. There is a surplus of sodium ions on the inside of the membrane. C. The neuron is firing. D. There is a surplus of potassium ions on the outside of the membrane. E. There is a deficit of proteins on the inside of the membrane. Reset SelectionQuestion 22 of 60 1.667 Points Bhaskar is studying invertebrate nerve tissue. In which of the following would he not find nerve tissue? A. Flatworm. B. Squid. C. Sponge. D. Earthworm. E. Starfish. Reset SelectionQuestion 23 of 60 1.667 Points Darren has a fever and headache and his doctor suspects an infection in the cerebrospinal fluid. Where would a fluid sample be extracted for testing? A. Cranial nerve. B. Dura mater. C. Subarachnoid space. D. Epidural space. E. Hypothalamus. Reset SelectionPart 8 of 18 – Question 24 of 60 1.667 Points Avery has found that his eyes are overly light-sensitive. What may be wrong? A. Iris fails to close. B. Rod cells have died. C. Cornea has become clouded. D. Ciliary muscles have failed. E. Lens fails to move. Reset SelectionQuestion 25 of 60 1.667 Points Dirk noticed that his color vision was poor at night, presumably because he was dependent on rod cells. Why are rod cells light sensitive? A. They do not require a blood supply B. They lie in the sclera rather than in the retina. C. There is a high ratio of ganglions to sensory cells. D. There is a high ratio of sensory cells to ganglions. E. They lie around the edges of the retina. Reset SelectionQuestion 26 of 60 1.667 Points Sun has myopia and is considering surgical keratotomy. What would be involved in the surgery? A. Reshaping the cornea. B. Reshaping the lens. C. Reshaping the retina. D. Reshaping the iris. E. Reshaping the fovea. Reset SelectionPart 9 of 18 – Question 27 of 60 1.667 Points Talisa is a medical examiner that suspects a victim died by strangulation. Talisa likely suspects this because she has noticed damage to what bone? A. Sacrum. B. Mandible. C. Coccyx. D. Hyoid. E. Clavicle. Reset SelectionQuestion 28 of 60 1.667 Points Talisa is a medical examiner that suspects a victim died from a broken neck. Talisa likely suspects this because she has noticed damage to what bone? A. Coccyx. B. Cervical vertebra. C. Clavicle. D. Sacral vertebra. E. Mandible. Reset SelectionQuestion 29 of 60 1.667 Points A. Distance from M to M B. A C. Distance from Z to Z D. H E. I Reset SelectionQuestion 30 of 60 1.667 Points A. 4 B. 12 C. 2 D. 16 E. 1 Reset SelectionPart 10 of 18 – Question 31 of 60 1.667 Points Mel has adult onset diabetes even though his insulin levels are normal. What may be impaired? A. Aldosterone production. B. ADH production. C. Islets of Langerhans. D. Insulin receptors. E. Glucagon production. Reset SelectionQuestion 32 of 60 1.667 Points The male Dayak fruit bat is able to produce milk like a female. If you were to investigate the cause of the milk production in the mammary gland, what hormone might you measure? A. Oxytocin. B. MSH. C. LH. D. Prolactin. E. FSH. Reset SelectionQuestion 33 of 60 1.667 Points Ami has severe osteoporosis. What laboratory test results would suggest a possible cause? A. Inactive osteoclasts. B. Low glucocorticoid level. C. Calcitonin deficiency. D. Low parathyroid hormone level. E. Calcitonin excess. Reset SelectionQuestion 34 of 60 1.667 Points Axel is studying control mechanisms that cause release of glucocorticoids. What would suggest the existence of a direct neural as opposed to hormonal control? A. Increased levels of glucocorticoids in the absence of increased levels of ACTH. B. Decreased levels of TSH in the presence of increased levels of epinephrine. C. Increased levels of glucocorticoids in the absence of increased levels of TSH. D. Decreased levels of TSH in the presence of decreased levels of epinephrine. E. Decreased levels of ACTH in the presence of increasing levels of glucocorticoids. Reset SelectionPart 11 of 18 – Question 35 of 60 1.667 Points Gerome is studying survival and adaptation of a lizard species that reproduces parthenogenetically, producing females only. If significant climate change were to occur, what might be the prognosis for this species? A. The lack of a need for finding mates would enable survival under any climatic conditions. B. High genetic variability would favor survival of those genotypes capable of surviving in the new climate. C. The lack of a need for gametes would allow rapid reproduction. D. Hermaphroditism would result in the ready availability of mates. E. Low genetic variability may result in a major die-off. Reset SelectionQuestion 36 of 60 1.667 Points Brionny was told that if she planned to become pregnant she should consume folic acid to prevent abnormalities in the development of the spinal cord and brain of her child. From what you know of the time sequence of embryonic human development, when would you suggest she begin taking the folic acid? A. 3 months of pregnancy. B. Immediately upon planning to be pregnant. C. 5 months of pregnancy. D. 2 months of pregnancy. E. 1 month of pregnancy. Reset SelectionQuestion 37 of 60 1.667 Points Sequence the following in the pathway of sperm travel from meiosis to mating: (1) Urethra, (2) epididymis, (3) vas deferens, (4) Seminiferous tubule. A. 1>2>3>4. B. 4>3>2>1 C. 2>1>4>3 D. 4>2>3>1 E. 3>2>4>1 Reset SelectionQuestion 38 of 60 1.667 Points Sequence the following in the pathway from egg production to giving birth: (1) vagina, (2) oviduct, (3) cervix, (4) ovary. A. 3>2>4>1 B. 4>2>3>1 C. 4>3>2>1 D. 2>1>4>3 E. 1>2>3>4. Reset SelectionPart 12 of 18 – Question 39 of 60 1.667 Points You are working for an aid organization arranging food shipments to Bangladesh. The population of Bangladesh is 142 million people. The birth rate is 30 per thousand per year and the death rate is 9 per thousand per year. The fertility rate is 3.3 children per woman. Food is scarce, many people are malnourished, the average person receiving eighty percent of required calories. If your target is to ship 100 kg of grain per person that is added to the population in excess of those who die, at the target population expected one year from now, how many kg should you arrange to ship, ignoring immigration and emigration? A. 300 million kg. B. 100 million kg. C. 400 million kg. D. 500 million kg. E. 200 million kg. Reset SelectionQuestion 40 of 60 1.667 Points Axel is studying a deer population of 2000 animals with a birth rate of 400 per thousand per year and a death rate of 100 per thousand per year. Assuming the population continues to grow at this rate, and assuming no immigration or emigration, what is your estimate of the number of animals that will be malnourished after the next birthing period if the carrying capacity is 2000 animals? A. 800. B. 1600. C. 650. D. 600. E. All of the animals must compete for food, so all have equal potential to be malnourished. Reset SelectionQuestion 41 of 60 1.667 Points In Canada the fertility rate is falling and is presently at 1.5 per woman. Is the Canadian population growing, shrinking, or stable? Ignore immigration and emigration. A. The population is shrinking, as the number of children born to a couple does not replace them — the fertility rate must be at least 2.1 to maintain the population size. B. To determine if the population were growing, shrinking, or stable we would have to know the difference between the fertility rate and the death rate. C. To determine if the population were growing, shrinking, or stable we would have to know the difference between the birth rate and the death rate. D. The population is growing, because women are adding 1.5 children per year, which is fifty percent more children per year more than would be added to a stable population. E. The population is shrinking, because although the fertility rate may fluctuate, we are told that it is falling. Reset SelectionQuestion 42 of 60 1.667 Points Axel is studying a deer population of 1000 animals with a birth rate of 300 per thousand per year and a death rate of 100 per thousand per year. Assuming the population continues to grow at this rate, and assuming no immigration or emigration, what is an estimate of the population size two years from now? A. 1350. B. 1690. C. 1440. D. 1400. E. 1200. Reset SelectionPart 13 of 18 – Question 43 of 60 1.667 Points If you were a travel agent with clients who wanted an ecotour to see muskox, polar bears, wolves, and lemmings, where would you send your clients? A. Desert. B. Arctic tundra. C. Taiga. D. Grassland. E. Alpine tundra. Reset SelectionQuestion 44 of 60 1.667 Points If you wished to study plants adapted to an extremely short summer growing season, which biome would be the best source of specimens? A. Temperate deciduous forest. B. Tropical rain forest. C. Savanna. D. Tundra. E. Taiga. Reset SelectionQuestion 45 of 60 1.667 Points Axel studied experimental plots in a tropical rain forest and in a temperate grassland, and found that when he fumigated decomposers, killing them, plant growth suffered more in the tropical forest than in the grassland. What is an explanation for this? A. Grasslands have more efficient recycling of nutrients. B. Grasslands lack epiphytes. C. Grassland soils hold more nutrients D. Grasslands have greater rainfall. E. Grasslands lack vines. Reset SelectionQuestion 46 of 60 1.667 Points If you were a travel agent with clients who wanted an ecotour to see bison and prairies dogs, where would you send your clients? A. Alpine tundra. B. Grassland. C. Taiga. D. Arctic tundra. E. Desert. Reset SelectionPart 14 of 18 – Question 47 of 60 1.667 Points Mae is working in a developing country predicting the environmental impact of population size. Which of the following environmental impacts could she most accurately predict from population size? A. Consumption of metal. B. Acid rain. C. Generation of garbage. D. Generation of sewage. E. Consumption of fossil fuels. Reset SelectionQuestion 48 of 60 1.667 Points Dirk is a politician who is trying to understand the greenhouse effect. Which of the following explanations is most accurate? A. CFCs produce holes in the ozone layer. B. Tropical rain forest destruction mimics the destruction of a greenhouse. C. Ozone is generated by automobile pollution. D. Atmospheric gases block heat radiation from the earth. E. Global warming results in melting of glaciers. Reset SelectionQuestion 49 of 60 1.667 Points Erica is a conservation officer who has observed a die off of trout in a lake although carp are thriving. What test might she best perform initially? A. Methane. B. Sulfur dioxide. C. Oxygen. D. Ozone. E. CFCs. Reset SelectionQuestion 50 of 60 1.667 Points Alex has an acid rain monitoring program. Which of the following pH values would indicate the most acidic rain? A. 2 B. 8.5 C. 1.5 D. 8 E. 3 Reset SelectionPart 15 of 18 – Question 51 of 60 1.667 Points In competing populations of organisms, genetic variations that ______________competition are favored through natural selection. A. Stay the same B. Increase C. Cause exponential growth D. Reduce Reset SelectionQuestion 52 of 60 1.667 Points When competition occurs between Paramecium aurelia and Paramecium caudatum, it is called: A. commensalism B. mutualism C. parasitism D. intraspecific competition E. interspecific competition Reset SelectionQuestion 53 of 60 1.667 Points Which of the following is a density independent environmental condition? A. competition for a food source B. a tornado C. predation D. parasitism Reset SelectionPart 16 of 18 – Question 54 of 60 1.667 Points Hypertension means: A. High blood cholesterol levels B. High blood sugar levels C. High blood pressure levels D. None of the choices listed Reset SelectionQuestion 55 of 60 1.667 Points Blood pressure readings are noted as diastolic over systolic. True False Reset SelectionPart 17 of 18 – Question 56 of 60 1.667 Points The tympanic membranes of a frog are located on the head and are used to collect and transmit: A. infrared radiation B. echolocation D. electromagnetic waves Reset SelectionQuestion 57 of 60 1.667 Points Evaluate this statement: The skin of a frog is part of its respiratory system. True False Reset SelectionPart 18 of 18 – Question 58 of 60 1.667 Points In the muscle stimulation lab, the muscle tested came from a: A. pig B. mouse C. salamander D. frog Reset SelectionQuestion 59 of 60 1.667 Points In response to a stimulus, skeletal muscle fibers: A. Always contract to 25% of their potential ability B. Always contract to 50% of their potential ability C. Always contract 100% of their potential ability D. None of the above Reset SelectionQuestion 60 of 60 1.667 Points An oscilloscope: A. Provides stimulus to a tested muscle B. Adds weight (load) to a tested muscle C. Measures a twitch response of a tested muscle D. A and C E. all of the above

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