Project Management

Paper instructions:
Develop a Network Diagram from the following chart using the “Most Likely” estimates for your activity durations (10 pts). You may either do your network diagram in WORD or another software program. You can also write out your diagram by hand (neatly please) and insert a picture of your drawing.
Name Optimistic Pessimistic Most Likely Dependencies
A 2 4 3
B 2 6 4 A
C 1 6 3 A
D 1 4 2 C
E 1 4 2 B
F 1 4 2 C,D
G 3 8 5 E
H 2 4 3 F
I 1 4 2 G,H

What is the Critical Path for this project? (eg. A  B  E etc) (5 pts)
Calculate total and free slack for this project (2.5 pts each).
Total slack (in weeks) _______
Free slack (in weeks) _______

Calculate the PERT estimate for completion of this project using the optimistic, pessimistic and most likely estimates. (5 pts).

BONUS (3 pts). Assume each activity in the above network diagram needs 2 workers per day to complete. Discuss opportunities for resource levelling that may exist in the project above. Be sure to be specific. Talk about which activities we should delay and whether it is possible to save any workers.

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