Principles of design

Assignment four chapter 5 (Principles of Design)

Do not quote from the book, each question should be answer in one paragraph.

These questions they’re meant to NOT be answered from your reading.

They’re meant to get you to realize that you guys know a lot more about art than you think you do.

Think of them as brief opinion pieces, not research papers. I just want your thoughts on these various topics.

.Question of the Day #1: “How can we use the principles of design in our daily lives and creative endeavors? Can being aware of these principles help us make judgments and decisions about our surroundings?” (This will show you how the principles of design have uses that extend beyond the artist’s studio.)

Question of the Day #2: “Why do artists create rhythm? For what reasons do they incorporate rhythmical elements in their works? How are viewers influenced or affected by these rhythmic elements?” (This will isolate one of the principles of design so you can examine it in depth.)

Question#3. Google this painting

Let’s Take a Walk: George Seurat, “Circus,” 1901. (This will help you analyze a work of art using nothing but your eyes and life experiences. This is an incredibly well designed piece? Why?)

I will upload chapter

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