Political science on the media and its role

Paper instructions:
Nowadays, the media plays an extremely important role in informing us what is
happening in the world. It is a good extension of what we have learned from the
textbook since the media always reports the most updated and critical events that
reflect one or more issues about a particular region or the entire world. In this
assignment, read and discuss one article that is relevant to a region discussed in the

Writing Outline
—Summary of the article (background of events) (30-40% of the text)
What is happening; when and where; why it is happening; effects of the events.
—Explain how the article connects back to the textbook (20-30% of the text)
Does the event reflect the same issues about a certain region as discussed in the
textbook? What characteristics of the region as described in the textbook contribute to
the occurrence of the event? If the events reflect some facts that are inconsistent with
the description of a region in the textbook, what do you think cause the differences?
—Human-environment interaction & spatial connections (30-40% of the text)
From a geographic perspective, most events are hardly to be isolated from
human-environment interaction and spatial connections. Discuss how human factors
might influence the environmental issues, or vice verse. Also, discuss how the events
within a region can have influences on other regions and if the influences can be
weighted by distance

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