Point By Point Comparison Original Song v. Cover song

Paper instructions:
For your final essay, you will write a critical review comparing and contrasting two versions of the same song by two different recording artists. For example, you could discuss the song, “Killing Me Softly” that has been recorded by both Roberta Flack and Lauryn Hill.

In your essay, point out the similarities and differences in the two versions of the song according to various criteria: vocal style, tempo, lyrics, artistic expression, tone, studio production, vocal arrangement, musical arrangement, etc. (Note: You do not have to use each of these categories. These are only examples. You may have other categories that you wish to use.) Discuss the criteria that most apply to your music and the criteria where you feel most knowledgeable and comfortable.

Ultimately, your paper should clearly persuade the reader as to which is the most effective recording of the song. Be sure to clearly support why that is the case with illustrations, examples, excerpts of the song, and full discussion!!!

Be careful not to compare the videos of the song. This is about the song and/or recording only! Also be sure to chose a song that has enough comparisons and contrasts for you to discuss in detail and at length clearly. Be mindful of not using a song and another song that is simply “sampled” from the other. This does not create enough useful context for completion of the assignment.

WARNING: You should be very clear which version of the song is your preference. If you are not, you could easily have mixed messages in your essay which will not make your paper clearly persuasive. Again make sure that you have a strong preference of one version over the other version of the song.

Your essay should be both comparison/contrast and persuasive!!! Be firm, clear, creative, and convincing in your approach, language, detail and support!!!

Your paper should include at least 2 in text citations. If you use lyrics from the song, be sure to use appropriate line breaks and research a reputable source for accuracy and quality. You may also use music history and statistics and music critics’ opinions, etc. as support for your paper.

Be sure to credit the song writer as well as the performer, band and/or vocalist.

For organization, it will be most helpful to you to create an outline or writing plan for your paper. Please refer to Chapter 11 in your text book for guides to organize comparison/contrast essays.

Your paper should be a maximum of 5 quality pages including the citations page in MLA format!

I look forward to reading your work!

By now you should have selected two versions of the same song by two different artists to discuss in your comparison/contrast/persuasive essay as Essay 3.

Please remember to avoid hip hop versions of songs that sample other genres of music and use only a hook or brief chorus. You are welcome to use music of two genres otherwise.

Take the time to listen to both versions of the songs and be clear about which one you prefer and why. Consider the following for your essay discussion:

Musical Arrangement
Vocal Arrangement
Artist Vocal Style/Ability
Historical/Social Context and Importance (if any

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