1. Story Poem: write a poem that tells a story—think narrative structure, Freytag’s pyramid, characters,
point of view, etc. Of course, use specific details to create images and focus your reader’s attention. Use
stanzas to help organize and develop your action. Needs to be at least 30 lines long.

2. Form Poem: write a sonnet (14 lines) or a villanelle (19 lines). See the handout for these.

3. Rhyme Scheme Poem: write a poem that uses a rhyme scheme; you can create your own scheme or
mimic one you’ve read (or heard in a song before). You should also aim for each line to follow a pattern. Use the rhyme scheme consistently throughout the poem, from one stanza to the next. Needs to be at least 12 lines long, and no more than 36.

4. Writer’s Choice Poem: write a poem about anything you want. Break the lines however you want, but
aim to create some energy somehow—through the language, its music, its images, its meanings, through story, or argument. Work the poem toward surprise! Needs to be at least 10 lines long. Keep it under 100 lines long.

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