Picturing Will by Ann Beattie


Discuss Jody, Mel and Wayne’s characters – specifically with regard to the ways in which each fulfills the traditional definitions of femininity and masculinity.  Do they strictly adhere to their customarily assigned gender roles?  Do any – or all three – of these characters resist social standards or pressures to conform to historic ideals?  Do they do both?  If so, in what ways? this is not a plain book review, it must get specific with the above instructions I have posted. there is no need for any outside sources, just plain quotes from the book itself.  Quotes from the book are needed. A source page is not needed. if there are any questions please be sure to ask. IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: The file I have uploaded would not work correctly, once you open the file there will be a link at the bottom of the page that will take you to the actual video link.

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