Organizational Culture

Paper instructions:
Your research paper should be a thorough, fully developed paper. It is not a short answer to the bullet points below. Those are simply guidelines for information which you should include in your paper. While there is not an actual page requirement, in the past most papers have been between 3-5 pages minimum. Your paper needs to include a minimum of 2 scholarly resources (following the APA guidelines). Scholarly resources may be from an assigned article, additional resources included in this module, or additional research you have done. You may want to review the guidelines for Scholarly Resources in graduate school (Academic Quality Resources – What it means). Wikipedia is not a scholarly resource! You should review the Assignment Rubric to understand how papers will be evaluated and graded.

Your paper needs to include:
•Define and discuss various aspects of organization culture (formal vs. informal; strong vs. weak). This is the foundation to your paper.
•Identify an organization and discuss its culture (you may continue to use same organization from previous assignments).
•Provide examples of how formal, informal, strong, or weak are represented in your chosen organization.
•What role does organizational culture play in wrongdoings by employees? (provide examples)
•What should an organization do to develop a strong, positive culture that reinforces ethical behavior?
•What are some influences that may affect employee behavior besides culture?

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