Nursing Role

paper instructions:
Read an article from an appropriate nursing journal focusing on a nursing role. Reference the information utilizing the format recommended by the American Psychological Association (APA).
Type a paper reviewing and summarizing the nursing role. Discuss the knowledge and training needed for this role. Describe how the nurse utilizes the nursing process to care for the patient. Include your reflections about the material covered in the article. Describe how the article influenced your view of nursing. Also discuss why you choose this article.

Article Critique Rubric: 100 points
1. Review/summary of the nursing role (include the author’s viewpoint and supporting data) – 30 points
2. Reflection of the material covered in the article – 20 points
3. Training or knowledge needed for the nursing role, or use of the nursing process – 20 points
4. Why you chose the article – 10 points
5. Grammar/Punctuations/Spelling – 5 points
6. In-text citations from article in APA format – 10 points

Submit your paper with four headings for #1-4 above. Be sure to include in-text citations in APA format.

P.S. I have provided 2 articles that you can choose from. One being about the Leadership Role in Nursing and another one about the Coordinator Role in Nursing. You can choose the one you are better interested in as a writer. But please only choose ONE ARTICLE.

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