nations war on drugs.

For this short writing assignment, you need to write a formal essay (introduction (including a thesis statement), body, and conclusion) of 1 – 2 pages in length explaining what we should do about our nations war on drugs. Please make reference to articles that we have read, as well as some outside research that you deem appropriate to the conversation. Use five update references from the book and outside sources. Using the book Disputed Moral Issues Edition: 3rd for information.

The paper should be set up as follows:
(1) Introduction
a. Briefly and generally introduce the reader to your topic
b. Provide a thesis statement (Is your issue permissible or not?)
(2) Put forward an argument
a. Begin by explaining the problem or issue
b. Make sure you define key terms
c. Discuss the implications of your view
(3) Consider the other side
a. How would some object to your view?
b. How would you defend your view, in light of these objections?
(4) Provide a conclusion
a. Reaffirm your thesis without merely restating content
b. Avoid introducing new ideas in your conclusion
c. Avoid ending your essay in a question

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