McLaurin’s Celica, A Slave Consider the actions of Celia and the various historical figures who took part

HIST 2111
Dr. Wilhelm

Paper assignment for McLaurin’s Celica, A Slave

Consider the actions of Celia and the various historical figures who took part in her trial. You will write a 1250 word essay that examines the following prompt:

Examine the actions of Celia and at least one other notable person from the book. More specifically, answer the two following questions: What were the motivations for these people’s actions? When considered in the context of these motivation, were these actions morally justified? (Notable persons include: George, John Jameson, William Augustus.)

This is a formal essay assignment. I expect an introduction with a thesis statement that directly addresses the prompt and explains your paper’s argument. The body of this paper will consist of paragraphs with topic sentences and properly cited evidence from the book that backs up your argument. You must also have a conclusion which restates your argument. (See Pyron’s Guide, points 1-7, 44-45)
You must use formal and correct English grammar in this paper. Any paper that is not written at a college level will receive an F. Any paper found guilty of any forms of plagiarism will receive an immediate zero.
This paper must be 1500 words long. You may deviate from this word count in either direction by 100 words only. So, this paper must be between 1400 and 1600 words long. I will deduct 10 points from your final grade for each 100 words shorter or longer than this number. You must include a word count. Do not include a cover page or bibliography. Include your name at the end of the paper.
This essay will be graded on the basis of content, organization, and grammar. If you do not have a thesis statement which directly addresses the given prompt and lays out an argument you will not receive above a C. Any paper with grammar or writing that is not ‘college-level’ will receive an F. To receive an A on this assignment your paper must be organized with a thesis statement and topic sentences, it must display a good use of sources and have correct citations, it must have a brilliant argument, and it must be exceptionally well-written. Most papers will likely be in the B-C range.
If you need help with this paper see me in my office, consult the college’s writing center, or consult Pyron’s guide to writing essays. You may also hand in your paper to me one week early for feedback.

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