Managament improvement with the maximum usage of innovation for the purpose of optimization oil production and the costs in National oil companies in the period of financial crisis.

essentially the report has to be between 6500 words in length.

intro – 15%
lit review – 25%
case presentation – 25%
analysis and discussion – 25%
Conclusion – 10%
Just do a great job on the literature and either use a case, or cases or do something theory based.

50 References:books, journals, internet resources, all the references should be high level. They should be published after 2005 years. Each sources should be referenced separately in Bibliography part, Books seperate , Journals seperate, Internet Resources separate

Well followed Instfollowns, and adhere to any key words address , Flow of sentences as well as coherent transition of paragraphs

I want the instruction followed clearly also attached files has to be taken into consideration, for extra materials and structure( projects report part1 and discussion analysis abstract conclusion files in attachement)

I want theory- practise Related, such as theory application in real cases.

Attachements from Unit1 to Unit10 are good materials and can be used for working.Look for them

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