When Law and Policy Meet Reality

Throughout this course, you will often see the phrase, “it is your responsibility.” This is because, as a leader in education, you must be familiar with and adhere to educational laws and policies within any educational setting. While many laws and policies can vary among districts, states, or even countries, it is imperative that you become almost an expert in the laws that govern your educational setting. Therefore, for Major Assessment 2: When Law and Policy Meet Reality you will be participating in both research on laws and policies, and engaging with educational leaders about how those laws and policies are carried out.
For your Final Project, you will create a 10- to 12-page paper that focuses on two specific laws in which your educational setting must adhere. A few examples are provided—you may select from the following list or select a different option of your choice (choose laws different from those you addressed in Discussion 1 of this week). Then, you will research the policies and procedures that are in place in your school or district to address these laws.

Free and Appropriate Public Education
Individualized Education Plan
Manifest Determination Hearing
The Americans with Disabilities Act
The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
Suspension and Expulsion

You will research the two laws and articulate why these laws were created, the premise of each law, and how they are interpreted by the legal system. Then, research the policies and procedures that are in place at the school or district level to address these laws. After compiling your data, you will select an administrator in your educational setting and conduct an interview, gathering realistic information of how these laws are addressed in reality and how educators and leaders in the district ensure compliance.

I will be forwarding to you the rubric that goes along with this assignment and further details that incorporate specifics.

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