Japan Postwar Recovery, 1945 to 1949

Due Friday, May 5 to the Final Paper Dropbox on D2L by 10:00pm (D2L goes into maintenance from 10pm on Fridays).
Length between 3000 and 3500 words (main body: not including bibliography, etc).
Bibliography of at least 10 sources, 7 of which must be academic sources (books, scholarly articles, etc).
You may certainly have *more* than 10 sources, provided at least 7 are academic.
Should be obvious, but, make sure your sources are well integrated into the body of your paper. If your quote from a source is more than a couple sentences long, you should bracket it from the main body of the paper, indent from both sides, and single-space the selection. Anything that is not your own words must be clearly cited and the source attributed. Paraphasing can be dangerous – make sure not to employ too many words or mirror the sentence structure or sentence order from your sources — doing so is plagiarism. If you want to take some directly – do it clearly and cite it. Otherwise, rewrite in your own words.
Your paper should have a title.
Overly long paragraphs (2/3 of a page and up) often reflect a lack of structure – be concise, think about when you have multiple ideas crowded into a paragraph — that is often when you should split them up.
…..and all previous advice from your mid-term and final draft papers (might be good to reread).
Just to be even more clear (this time in red!)
You need to properly cite your sources! Any words that are not your own need to be cited. Watch out for problems with paraphrasing. We want to hear YOUR voice, so be clear when you are citing someone else.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in a failing grade for the paper, a reduction of one grade level for your remaining grade, and additional Code of Academic Integrity sanctions. There are resources in the syllabus and at the link below. Please ask your TA if you have questions about how to cite and do not wait to last minute.
Citation format is up to you, but be consistent with your choice of APA, MLA, Chicago styles.
University of Arizona Library’s Citation Guide
Formatting is up to you, but we recommend 1.5 space or double space text and 1″-1.5″ margins.
Late papers will be assessed a 10% reduction at each 24-hour period after the due date: e.g., if you submit your final paper on Monday it will start with a 30% reduction. Late papers after Monday, May 8 at 10:00pm will not be accepted.

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