Intersection of Race and Gender in Slave Narratives; Did female slaves suffer more than male slaves?

Paper instructions:
Our Discussion Forum this week deals with the ‘Intersection of Race and Gender in slave narratives.’ Both of our readings for this week offer great debates and discussions on the issue of race and gender, and *whether male and female slaves were treated equally when it came to sexual exploitations, methods of punishments and poor living conditions. OR, whether African American slaves were treated according to the traditional gender roles (different expected social roles for men and women in general), particularly in the American South. There are total of 14 pages of reading for this week.

In our Online Discussion Sessions, in addition to your own responses to EACH question, you are also required to commentto at least 2 other students’ postings in each discussion session. Your own responses/postingsto EACH topic(or questions)should be at least in 130-50 words, & your comments on others’ arguments should be at least 80-100 words EACH. Avoid making mechanisticor pointlesscomments on your group members’ responses. *All your Postings and Commentsshould show your knowledge of the readings. There is NO PENALTY for longer postings or comments; extra points will be given to longer (but meaningful) postings and comments. Please take the time to read your peers’ responses; you will learnfrom each other

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