Imperfect and perfect competition

Paper instructions:
1) You need to write a 6-page (maximum) paper, in any topic in Economics. The paper size used should be the standard letter-size, and you cannot use a font size smaller than 11pt or larger than 12pt. Spacing cannot be less than 1 and no more than 2.

The 6-page limit includes tables, graphs and references. Handwritten pieces are also accepted if you write legibly.

The language in which the paper is written should be english. We embrace diversity in almost any form in our univesity environment, but the language of communication in the classroom and for our classes will continue to be English (except of course if you are taking a class in a particular foreign language), for the moment.

2) The paper should not necessarily be a research piece, it can be a discussion of a topic or set of topics, a literature review, or other set up that discusses intelligently an economic issue. I will not be providing topics, you have to come up with an idea, it can even be an ellaboration of a paper you have completed for another class or just something you are interested in knowing a bit more.

The most important aspect is that this piece needs to be the result of your own work. I will carefully, with my assistants, review your work to make sure you have not plagiariazed any part of it, meaning that is ok to discuss someone’s idea on your own words and giving credit to the original source, but it is not ok to just copy and paste.

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