Identify the leadership style

Paper instructions:
Course Text: Daft, R. L. (2018). The leadership experience. (7th ed.). USA: Cengage Learning

Choose a leader to interview. The leader can be a friend, coworker, supervisor, family member who holds a type of leadership position. In your interview you should learn from the leader his/her thoughts managing subordinates, motivating subordinates and making decisions that impact other members of the group and/or organization.
In your paper, you need to:
• Identify who you interviewed (i.e., name, position held, organization in which s/he is employed).

• Identify the leadership style(s) exhibited and use the information from your conversation with the leader to support why you are identifying particular style(s).

• Remember, these concepts have overlap. A leader and demonstrate multiple leadership types and does not have to be just one type.

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