Human Resource Management

Paper instructions:
Select a typical personnel problem based on one of the major HRM processes described in the book or lectures. You can use the simple PADS: Planning, Acquisition, Development or Sanctions, or Discrimination typology. Or you can use one of the more elaborate stages described by Berman et al. Or you can use one of the topics described in my lecture Handouts.

First, introduce a brief general overview of the course, then focus in detail the scope of the identified problem; and then begin to define and discuss the issue. Recommend possible solutions. Add a brief implementation plan, by which, after monitoring, you could later evaluate your proposed solution and thus be able to say later if the problem has been solved or not solved. Systemic problems are preferred but an individual focus may also be acceptable.

The keys to a rewarding evaluation of your submitted problem will be the degree to which you incorporate course materials, especially:(1) the four personnel systems (merit, union, political and equity), (2) utilization of KSA’s and PADS; and (3) in addition to the narrative, you must have a minimum of two graphic or tabular displays, such as a bell curve application.

Utilizing a step by step approach, your response should be typed, double spaced, and presented using basic analysis with an academic research format with notes and citations (using APA style).
The length of this part of the paper should be between 10 to 12 pages.
Copy of Sources used
I can supply the Topics from his lectures
And I can supply the book name I just have a physical hard copy

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