Discuss your thoughts on the innovation plan and if you feel it will be a success.

In your responses among your peers, expand the discussion by providing suggestions to the business developer on what they could do to ensure the plan could be successfully implemented. Be sure to include real-world examples and follow up with outside research.

Innovation Consultation

This week you have learned about the importance of innovation within the workplace. The techniques learned this week will play a vital role in your growth as you build your career. Assume you have been chosen as a consultant to develop an innovation strategy to help a company who has fallen behind the competition. You have been asked to create a 10-minute presentation on your research as to why the company has fallen behind and how you propose they improve.

Your work should include the following:

· Outline an innovation plan that details the research that has been conducted.

· Develop a presentation that shares this research and the plan in which you have created to help the organization with updating their innovation standards.

· Your presentation should be recorded as if you were presenting to the audience. You may use video or voice-over.

· Your presentation must be a minimum of 10 minutes in length.

· Upload your presentation to this dropbox.

· Post this presentation to the forum for discussion among your peers.


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