Paper instructions:
It has been said there are two parts to every sale: the part performed by the salesperson and the part performed for the salesperson by his or her organization.

1. What should the company provide for the salesperson to help increase total sales?

2. How does the sales manager’s job differ from the sales rep’s job?

A district sales manager voiced the following complaint at a sales meeting: “The average salesperson costs our company $40,000 in compensation and expenses. Why can’t we buy a few less $40,000 full-page ads in Time magazine and use the money to hire more people? Surely one individual working for a year can sell more products than a one-page ad in one issue of Time.”

3. Evaluate this argument.

Good salespeople are familiar with their competitors’ products as well as their own.

4. What would you do if your company expected you to sell a product that you thought was inferior to the competitions’?

5. Why?

Utilize information from Chapter 15 in the textbook, plus a minimum of two non-text sources. Go into some depth in researching each problem and questions. Be complete in your answers.

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