History Timeline And Research Paper

  • You will also write a (approximately 800-1000 word) research paper on your topic. For your research you must use at least 3 credible secondary sources that are cited in your work. You are allowed only one quote, not more than 2 sentences long. All other quotes will be treated as “cut and paste” and you will be penalized for this (-2 per quote). (50 points) 

Sources for your research paper:

  • At least 3 credible sources are required for the research paper.
  • Tertiary sources are not acceptable. (Encyclopedias either on-line or book form, dictionaries, or in short no wikis etc. for the content of your research paper.).
  • Acceptable secondary sources
    • A whole book or books with a substantial chapter dedicated to your subject. Your textbook would thus be inadequate for this research.
    • Articles written by historians or other academic professionals. Articles should come from academic journals (peer reviewed journals). They may not be book reviews or other short review articles of any sort, including those on exhibitions.
    • Documentary films by credible sources on your topic. For example, CNN has a special on the Cold War http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/coldwar/ (Links to an external site.) .  PBS has an American Experience documentary on Stonewall for LGBT rights.
  • You must cite your information (credit to your source of information in the paper and a works cited page at the end). You must use all 3 sources in your paper. Your work must be plagiarism free.
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