History DB

Read chapters 10-12) in your textbook and review power point slides (both attached to this question) 

Answers are based on the reading of chapters 10-12

In order to get full credit on your original post, you need to clearly connect your responses to historical evidence from the book, powerpoint slides, or further research. Indicate the page number where you found the information to help me and your classmates follow up to gain insight.

Topic Option 1: Developing Michigan’s Landscape. 1. What is one thing that surprised you in Chapter 10 and 12?  2. What were the issues that addressed Patrons of Husbandry (aka The Grange) during the 1870s and what was the Grange’s position? 3. Based on your reading of these two chapters, what was the relationship of Michiganders in the 1800s to the land they were settling? (Discuss at least two examples).

Topic Option 2: Education and Culture. 1. What is one thing that surprised you in Chapter 11? 2. What were the ideas and policies upon which the public education system in Michigan was founded? 3. Why was public education in Michigan uneven in quality during the 1800s and early 1900s?  4. What are some of the themes explored by Michigan’s artists, writers, and musicians? (consult your book, pages 169-174, or do your own research).

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