Higher Education Policy in America

This paper needs to be minimum of 10 pages including abstract and one of references. Abstract needs to be 200 to 250 words. In order to answer the essay question, the writer needs to be very familiar with higher education policies and the documentary film – Ivory Tower. I will include for the writer a link to the documentary, a list of additional articles that will be needed to be used or at least addressed in writing the essay, additional articles that can reviewed and used, the grading rubric, and sample paper.
Basic Essay Structure
Grading Rubric for Research Essays
Higher Education Policy in America

Research Project Two: Spring 2017 – U.S. Government
U.S. Higher Education Policy
Question: The documentary film – Ivory Tower – paints a pretty disturbing picture of American higher education today. Examine some of the data presented by critical theorists and policymakers and analyze how severe you believe the problem is, or is becoming, and what policies the U.S. government might pursue now as a way to head off this potential “crisis.”
Sample Outline
(But feel free to set this essay up as you wish)
I. Introduction / Thesis Statement – A brief statement outlining your position or something relevant about this issue.
II. Body – The bulk of the paper is here, in data taken from the readings and other evidence you have found to support your position.
a. Text DPE (data, proof, and evidence examples, statistics, or authoritative researchers) or anything either positive or negative concerning domestic policy of higher education? You can use your textbook
b. Critical DPE – selections from the Hersh / Merrow, and Mathews, Gregorian and Kirp chapters. Include analysis of the introduction of the Washburn book, University Inc.: The Corruption of Higher Education. (Information for this area is included in reading selection below with a RED DOT)
c. Documentary Film – include any notes taken from the film, Ivory Tower.
d. Website DPE – include any information from US Government reports on the current state of higher education and policy prescriptions.
e. Outside DPE – is there anything else you found in website searches or the library that you think is relevant and/or important to include in this debate?
III. Conclusion – if you agree that higher education is becoming increasing beset by various crises or is in danger of becoming irrelevant, which policies do you believe might set us back on a proper course? What do you think should be the ultimate purpose of a “higher education”?
1. Make sure to use the proper APA form of citation every time you use a statement or an idea from the readings that I have provided, or that you found in your own independent research.
2. Please type all work. Only 1 copy of the paper will be required. It will not be returned.
3. An “A” paper will be:
a) fully documented and cited
b) a minimum of 10 pages (including title, abstract, and reference pages)
c) research beyond authors provided

Books / Articles / Reports / Documents / Websites (Traditional / Government Perspectives)
http://sockshare.net/watch/qvoz7edl-ivory-tower.html (link to full ivory tower film)
• http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/15/cost-of-college-degree-increase-12-fold-1120-percent-bloomberg_n_1783700.html
• Six Challenges to the American University – Gregorian
• This Little Student Went To Market – Kirp
• Caveat Lector: Unexamined Assumptions about Quality in Higher Education – Mathews
• University Inc: The Corporate Corruption of Higher Education – Washburn
• Yep, That’s Right…”Free:” Obama Plan Would Cover Community College Tuition – Queally
• Remedial Courses in College Stir Debate – Mitchell
• The Future of College? – Wood
• Education Pays: The Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society – College Board
• More Than Grants: The Role of the Federal Government in Higher Ed Reform – Kaleba
• Tottering Ivory Towers – Butler
• Overcoming the High School Senior Slump: New Education Policies – Kirst
• Has Higher Education Lost Control Over Quality? – Hazelkorn
• The Heritage Foundation
• The Education Trust
Books / Articles / Reports / Documents / Websites (Critical Perspectives)
• US College Students and Graduates are Buried in Debt: The Quiet War on Students – Devon DB
• Degrees of Shame – Documentary
• Con Job: Stories of Adjunct & Contingent Labor – Documentary
• The Unforgiven: How College Debt is Crushing a Generation (and a Solution) – Queally
• A Gates Plan for Eliminating Debt – Collins
• Class Dismissed: Why We Cannot Teach or Learn Our Way Out of Inequality – Marsh
• The Tyranny of the Meritocracy: Democratizing Higher Education in America – Guinier
• Education is Not the Cure for High Unemployment or Income Inequality – Mishel
• The Kept University – Press and Washburn
• Academic Fraud and the Ponzi Scheme of “Higher Learning” – Dimaggio
• Choosing Between Competing Visions for Education Reform – Dimaggio
• Servants of Power: Higher Education in the Era of Corporate Control – Seybold
• Beyond Neoliberal Miseducation – Giroux
• Higher Education Under Attack: An Interview With Henry A. Giroux
• Thinking Like Corporations is Harming American Universities – Chomsky
• For-Profit Colleges Are America’s Dream Crushers – Appel & Taylor

Sample APA Paper 1
Sample APA Paper 2
Sample APA Paper 3

Recent Articles, Documentaries, and Websites of Interest for US Government Students:
• The Political Compass
• Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens – Gilens and Page
• The Crisis of Democracy – The Trilateral Commission (1973)
• The Powell Memo (also known as the Powell Manifesto) – Reclaim Democracy!
• A Century of War – RT Documentary
• Corruption is Legal in America – Represent.Us
• The Lie We Live [Smart Kid – A Nice Wake-Up Call] – Spencer Cathcart
• War Is A Racket – Major General Smedley Butler
• Four Horsemen – Documentary (Great Stuff! Check This Out!)
• Tipping Point: The End of Oil – Documentary
• Wondering About the Origins of ISIS? (You’d Better Buckle Your Seatbelts for This One)
• Capitalism Never Solves Its Crises; It Moves Them Around Geographically – RSAnimate
• Two American Families – Frontline Documentary
• We the People, and the Republic We Must Reclaim – Lawrence Lessig on TED
• Global Wealth Inequality: What You Never Knew You Never Knew – therules.org
• Wealth Inequality in America – therules.org
• Park Ave: Wealth, Poverty, and the American Dream – Documentary
• Shadows of Liberty – Documentary (Mass Media)
• Plutocracy in America – Brenner
• Addicted To War – Andreas
• Consent Without Consent: Reflections on the Theory and Practice of Democracy – Chomsky
• Searching for Steele: James Steele, America’s Mystery Man in Iraq – BBC / Guardian Documentary
• The Crisis of Civilization – Documentary
• Let Your Life Be A Friction That Stops The Machine – Class War Films
• Political Fraud – Class War Films
• Financial Crime – Class War Films
• Imperial Decay – Class War Films
• Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis – Documentary
• WikiRebels – Documentary
• Obamacare: A Deception – Roberts
• The Purchase of Our Republic – Falkson
• Empire Under Obama: Counterinsurgency, Death Squads, and the Population as the Target – Marshall
• Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail? – Taibbi
• Smash the Control Machine – Otep Rocks!
• Rise Rebel Resist – Otep Rocks!
• The Story of Stuff Project
• The World is Coming to an End – Prince Ea
• The Final Word from My Two Favorite Comedians of All Time on “The Big Question”

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