Grayland Coastal Energy Project

Paper instructions:
This is the revision instruction and please follow them. I have already written some of it and I also attached “Community Power” article for the use of source.
This purpose of this paper is to connect Grayland Coastal Energy Project with geographic issues and the issues that you need to address is written in the instruction below.

This is the link to the Grayland Coastal Energy Project –


-Broader purpose of piece. As it stands now, I don’t get a clear sense of what the big take-home ideas or points are. This isn’t to say that they’re not there—just that there are a lot of ideas in the mix and it’s not clear what the most significant or most central ones are. For example: Could you connect this site to the question of whether our energy system should be centralized or decentralized? Also, it strikes me that this project is similar to the one discussed in the reading for May 24 titled “Community power.” I would recommend re-reading that short article and thinking about if the Grayland Coastal Energy Project entails the “three Ds” talked about in that reading (decarbonization, decentralization, and democratization.) In general, you need to build a stronger connection between your site and course material, and the decentralized vs. centralized question is one way to do that.

-Organization and overview of the project. Once you reflect a bit more on the questions above, I would probably recommend tweaking the organization of the piece so that it flows logically from point to point. You might want to use section headings to divide up the various parts of the paper.

-Introduction. Right now your introduction is clear but not particularly engaging or insightful. Perhaps you could begin by framing this project as an example of some type of broader concept or theme or trend?

-On p. 1, you talk about “outside funding” but this idea is a bit unclear. Work on explaining what you mean by this and why it matters.

Please use these comments when revising, and let me know if you have any questions.

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