Geography of food

Paper instructions:
For most of history, people obtained the food they needed either by growing it themselves or by procuring it directly from farmers who lived nearby. The choice and availability of food were limited and changed seasonally. About 100 years ago, this situation began to change dramatically as the pace of urbanization and industrialization accelerated. Today, very few people in developed countries know where the food they eat was produced or who produced it. Fewer still grow any of the food that they consume. You can walk into a supermarket and find aisles full of fresh produce, meat, fish, and a variety of grain-based products any day of the year, regardless of the season or proximity to farms.

Where does this food come from? Who produces and sells it? This assignment is designed to explore these questions. You should begin with a typical day’s meals and identify all the ingredients (don’t’ forget the seasoning and cooking oils used in preparation).

The assignment starts at the supermarkets where you usually shop. For much of the information you will need, you can refer to the labels on the food items. For some items, such as fish, poultry, and meat, you may need to speak to the butcher or store manager.

Find out, as specifically as possible:

Where the food item was produced.
The name of the company that marketed the product
If available, the name of the parent company
Once you have this basic information, you will need to use the Internet (and maybe the library) to do further research.

First, organize a list of companies and the food products they market.
Second, locate the geographic origins of the food products.
Now look for patterns.
Prepare a 2-3 page report (format below) in which you address the questions below:

Which and how many companies are involved?
What proportion of the food supply does each control?
What proportion and which kinds of food are produced in other countries?
Can you trace the movement of particular food commodities from the field to the dining table?
Do certain kinds of foods tend to be produced closer to the market than others?
Do certain kinds of food tend more than others to be marketed by large corporations?
Can you think of explanations for the patterns you identify?
Format: double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12 point font either Times New Roman or Arial.

Assignment may be reviewed for plagiarism.

Be sure to cite your library/Internet research sources.

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