Exploring Thunderbolt 3 and Finding Out Why it is Better Than all Other Ports.

Topic: To explore the Thunderbolt 3 Connector and find out why it’s better than all other ports.
A. What is thunderbolt 3?
i. This is the thunderbolt 3 port. It’s amazing. It’s a revolution.
… but what is it exactly?
1. It can transfer data at 40Gb per second.
2. It can display two 4k videos at once
3. It can transfer audio and power (100 watts for notebook charging and 15 for bus powered devices).
4. And it can daisy chain devices together!
B. If Thunderbolt 3 is so great where has it been all this time? OR AND Explore what Thunderbolt 3 is replacing.
• Why did it take so long for thunderbolt to be implemented?
o The current hardware available isn’t able to keep up with the Thunderbolt technology.
o Explore the history of thunderbolt adapters and old hardware as examples.
o The revolution of the hardware that made it able to support it.
• Thunderbolt 2 was also a revolution. Why wasn’t it implemented?
o Short answer is Thunderbolt 3 now shares a common port with USB Type C.
C. How can the Thunderbolt be used right now?
• What are technology companies doing with Thunderbolt 3 at the moment?
• What are different ways of implementing thunderbolt with what we have?
o The use of hubs, docking stations and etc.
D. What does the future hold for thunderbolt?
• What can we expect if or when all devices have Thunderbolt 3 technology?
• What are the hardware requirements needed to support Thunderbolt 3?

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