To explore the Thunderbolt 3 Connector and find out why it’s better than all other ports

Paper instructions:
This is a college level report for a first semester IT Program. So the audience for this report is very low level jargon, only meant for my classmates and a communications instructor. So the report itself is more important than the subject matter.

I was told to create a proposal for the topic, and I came up with these four questions:
1. What is Thunderbolt 3?
2. If Thunderbolt 3 is so great where has it been all this time?
3. How can the Thunderbolt be used right now?
4. What does the future hold for thunderbolt?

This does not have to be a set requirement for the body of the report. You can change it to however you deem necessary to sell the topic statement: That Thunderbolt 3 is the greatest port and I need everyone to know it.

The report guidelines are in the document I attached and I will explain more of what is to be done when you have that open.
You do not need to do the Title page and Letter of Transmittal, I take care of that myself.

What I need done is the Executive Summary, Table of Contents, List of Illustrations, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, References, Glossary and Appendices. You do not need to do the Recommendations or End Matter.

I would recommend beginning with the body and as soon as you have that done with the references, I’ll read it and I might just leave it at that. Minimum one page for the body.

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